If flowers could speak we’d likely learn an interesting story about each of them. Not only are they unique, colorful and beautiful in their own way but they also carry great history and tradition – more importantly, each month of the year is represented by one particular flower. That is to say, each and every one of us is blessed with a flower that represents our month of birth and has a very special meaning.

The term “language of flowers” was introduced in the Victorian Era, which was considered to be an incredibly romantic era. Interestingly, in this time it was not widely accepted to always express one’s feelings verbally. In these days, flowers symbolized much more than just a visually beautiful gift rather a specific reflection of an emotion or a mood; perhaps a language within themselves.

According to ancient legends each flower also has its own unique history or a myth, therefore it could symbolize a specific character, person, or an event described in these myths and stories. It’s believed the Romans went so far as to say the characteristics of each flower are reflected by an individuals personal traits, behaviors and personality. These myths also transcribed the alignment with Zodiac signs and Birthstones – both also commonly aligned with a particular month of birth.

In today’s age, flower charecteristics  such as scent, color, and appearance have relevance as gifts. If you’re shopping to buy birth flowers as a gift we’ve also partnered with some reliable florists to point you in the right direction, a sentiment that will hold even more value when you can explain the special meaning behind their monthly flower.

FlowersByMonth is a website that pays homage to the incredible stories, myths and historic sentiments behind each flower. More importantly, we aim to guide you to the flower that represents you and your loved ones – simply click on your applicable month below to discover the back story. Please note, often the external links we supply to our partners are affiliate links, which mean we will receive a small monetary value of your purchase to help this website stay alive. We hope you enjoy discovering your history and we’re glad to share our passion with you.

Flowers by Month

Carnation Thumb -- The Birth Flower of JanuaryJanuary

The birth flower of January is a Carnation

The carnation is often associated with the day of Christ’s birth, therefore this flower is often depicted in the hands of the Virgin Mary. It was brought from Tunisia. January birth flower symbolizes the engagement, a pure love and the innocence.

The Carnation was a medieval symbol of the Bourbon dynasty. It was also one of the flowers included to the «Alexander’s bouquet». It also became a symbol of the Buttonholes fashion, introduced by the Prince of Wales.

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Violet Thumb -- The Birth Flower of FebruaryFebruary

The birth flower of February is a Violet

The Violet was used even by the Romans as a medicinal herb. In Germany it symbolized the beginning of Spring.

The characteristics, attributed to the February birth flower are the modesty, the virginity, although, some legend attributed to this flowers other characteristics such as the grief and the sorrow.

It was the favorite flower of Empress Josephine and of Emperor Wilhelm.

Medieval philosopher and alchemist Odo of Mena devoted a whole chapter of his book to the Violet.

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Narcissus Thumb -- The Birth Flower of MarchMarch

The birth flower of March is a Narcissus / Daffodil

Notwithstanding of common conviction that march birth flower symbolizes the narcissistic person, it is completely wrong. To learn it we need to study several versions of this common legend. Nonetheless, the Narcissus symbolizes the «inner man».

For the Egyptians and for the Ancient Greeks, the Narcissus represented a strong interest as a medicinal herb. The essential oil, obtained from the Narcissus, is used in perfumery to this day.

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Daisy Thumb -- The Birth Flower of AprilApril

The birth flower of April is a Daisy

There is a version, that the world «Daisy» came to us from the ancient Greek translation of the word «Pearls». The meaning of the April birth flower is commonly known — it’s main role is to tell fortunes. The story goes, that this flower gets its main role thanks to German children.

The Daisy also described in the rare legend of King Charles the Bold, where the Daisy and a marvel mechanical unicorn played the main roles.

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Lily of the Valley Thumb -- The Birth Flower of MayMay

The birth flower of May is a Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is a flower of goddess Ostara, who later was turned to the Blessed Virgin Mary. May birth flower was also described in the legend of the Volfarstveyler castle.

The form of this flower contributes to the magical symbolism of this flower and later helps for it to become a strong medicinal remedy. Today we know it as the «Water from apoplexy». This flower also became a base of the «schneeberg» snuff.

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Rose Thumb -- The Birth Flower of JuneJune

The birth flower of June is a Rose

There is a beautiful ancient legend about June birth flower, which came to us from India. According to this legend Vishnu was impressed by a beauty of Lakshmi who was born inside a big Rose. Therefore, the Rose symbolized the divine mystery and love.

This is the most common flower, known to humanity since ancient times. This flower was described in thousands of books including those, which are stored inside the Chinese Emperor’s library.

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Delphinium Thumb -- The Birth Flower of JulyJuly

The birth flower of July is a Delphinium

The Delphinium, the July birth flower contains a poison inside it, which was used by the American Indians to kill the animals. But, fortunately it is not dangerous when it is used orally, therefore it is used as a medicament to treat wounds.

For the ancient Greeks, this flower symbolized the sadness, because of the legend which says that it was before the sculptor, turned to the Dolphin by the gods.

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Gladiolus Thumb -- The Birth Flower of AugustAugust

The birth flower of August is a Gladiolus

The epee or a sharp-pointed dueling sword is the second name of the August birth flower, because of its unusual form. Therefore the Gladiolus is often associated with the Roman gladiators.

This flower has to be a gift to your business partner or to the award winner.

This flower is mentioned by Theophrastus but it was discovered as a medicament only in XVIII century.

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Aster Thumb -- The Birth Flower of SeptemberSeptember

The birth flower of September is an Aster

The aster described by the ancient philosophers as a star dust. One legend is also described how two monks tried to be closer to the stars, but they learned the wisdom, that the true beauty could be found even on the Earth.

For the ancient Greeks, this flower symbolized a strong mascot, but, according to other versions, the September birth flower symbolizes the lost paradise.

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Calendula Thumb -- The Birth Flower of OctoberOctober

The birth flower of October is a Calendula

The October birth flower is often called the «Sun Flower», sometimes it is also called the «sundial» or a bride of Summer. This flower has also the second name the «Marigold», because it was used to decorate a statue of the Virgin Mary by the Christians.

This flavor is symbolizing the stability in love. But, according to the Slavic legend it has also symbolized the «fingernail» in honor of a young doctor, who was killed by the envier.

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Chrysanthemum Thumb -- The Birth Flower of NovemberNovember

The birth flower of November is a Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum, as the November birth flower is a national flower of Japan. The legend of this flower described a very interesting event, illustrated who was the first colonizers of the Japanese islands. Also, this legend could explain us who was the first Emperor of Japan.

According to the legend, the Chrysanthemum symbolizes a pure heart.

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Holly Thumb -- the Birth Flower of DecemberDecember

The birth flower of December is a Holly

The December birth flower Holly is commonly known. Also known its story as the Christmas flower, however few know, that the history of this flower could discover us the origin of such famous person as Santa Claus.

The base of this facts came to us with the ancient Druids legend about the forest «Holly King».

Some sources tell us that this plant was used to make a crown of Christ, therefore for the Christians this flower symbolizes the sufferings of Christ, while, esoterically the Holly symbolizes evergreen aspect of the soul.

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